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A car loan is a great way to drive your dream car without making the complete payment upfront. You don’t need to wait for some more months or years to buy your dream car as you can take a car loan to meet your fund requirement.

Travel Safe Every day in your New Car
Avail our Instant New Car Loan to get your car delivered in no time! Get up to 100% Funding on your dream car at an attractive interest rate with minimum documentation. Ensure a safe and happy travel everyday with your new car.


  • EMI or AMI? – Choice is yours
  • Worried about documentation? Avail our friendly income assessment along with customised offers made for you
  • Special offer for farmers
  • End-to-end customer service- from test drive to delivery

Buying an Used car has never been this easy!

The Used Car Loan comes with holistic customer support to ensure your convenience throughout the process of buying a car from your dealer. Our fast and hassle-free loan processing helps to buy your car in no time!

  • Used car loan to buy all makes and models of cars
  • Funding for up to 7-year-old-models
  • End-to-end customer support for transfer of ownership and RTO related procedures


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New Car Loan

SARVAKISHI FINANCIAL SERVICES offers new car loan at fair interest rates and adjustable repayment terms.Fast sanction, personalised service and absolute transparency in new car loans.

New Car Loan

SARVAKISHI FINANCIAL SERVICES offers new car loan at fair interest rates and adjustable repayment terms.Fast sanction, personalised service and absolute transparency in new car loans.

Loan Against Car

With no income documents required, getting a loan couldn’t get any easier. SARVAKISHI FINANCIAL SERVICES offers you car loan at basic interest rates and flexible EMI for repayment.

Other Loan

SARVAKISHI FINANCIAL SERVICES also grant different loans like Home loan, Personal loan and Educate loan at fair rate of interest and flexible EMI. For more detail you can check our loan products.

Get financing for whatever you need now

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Features of Car Loan

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Cash Loan Facility

Cash Credit Loan – Check interest rates, eligibility, process to apply online, documenst required, features

Special Preapproved Loan

As our existing customer, we understand you and your work. You can now enjoy special Sundaram benefits such as Top-up loans, Refinance to meet your expenses in the current scenario.

No Varifactions

Check our expert’s tips to avail car loan without income proof. Also, read other details like car loan eligibility criteria and car loan required documents.

150% Funding on Loan

You can avail up to 150% of the car’s value as a top-up loan. Most lenders that offer a top-up on their car loans

Car Loan - Eligibility

Any salaried, self-employed or professional Public and Privat companies, Government sector employees including Public Sector is eligible for a personal loan.


Maximum age of applicant at loan maturity: 60 years


Minimum Net Monthly Income: Rs 15,000

Credit Rating

Applicant should have the bank specified credit score.

Frequently Ask Questions

If you have a question that deals with clients, customers or the public in general, there is bound to be a need for the FAQ page.

Life has its ups and downs and sometimes you might face a situation where you need a little extra money. A loan comes in handy at such times. But it may occasionally happen that your financial situation turns around faster than anticipated and allows you to pay off a sizeable chunk of the loan and clear as much debt as possible.

Paying off your debt faster will help reduce the total interest charges, and this in turn means you spend less time in debt. So far so good. But before you walk into the bank flashing a wad of cash, familiarise yourself with some facts. It’s understandable why there’s a penalty for delayed payment, but did you know that one can be penalised for early repayment as well?

What is prepayment penalty?

As the name suggests, a prepayment penalty is a monetary burden you have to bear when you pay your loan off earlier than specified in the agreement. If the terms and conditions of your loan agreement contain a prepayment clause, you will be penalised if you clear your debt early.

If you feel this sounds counterintuitive and are wondering why no one would want all their money at one go, think of it this way – when you repay a loan early, the lender will not get the expected interest (for lenders, the interest is their profit). Hence this clause is often put in place.

The amount can vary and the practice isn’t universal. It would depend on the lender’s terms and conditions. To find out, you should read the fine print before you sign on the dotted line.

How to calculate if it’s worth it

Typically, if there is no prepayment fee imposed by the lender you will benefit by repaying your loan sooner. Even if this clause is in place, you could still save some money. It would all depend on what the penalty fees are and how much of the loan you have left.

First of all, you need to determine how much you will save by paying early. You can calculate this by adding the total interest for the remaining tenure plus any ongoing fees. This final value is what you stand to save if you decide to repay your dues at present.

Subtract the prepayment and other fees from the above amount. Pay attention to the kind of fees levied – whether flat or on a percentage basis. The remainder value is what you will save by paying your loan early. A negative figure denotes more cost than savings.

Pros and cons of early repayment

If you’re confident you can pay off your loan early, it makes sense to look for a lender who does not have a prepayment clause. But not all of us can be similarly foresighted. However, even if a penalty is levied, prepayment can be a good or bad decision depending on the type of loan and your outlook. Take your pick.


Less interest translates to more money saved
Improved credit score if you’re free of debt
Free money to use for whatever you please – reinvesting, splurging, etc
Opportunity to get a new loan which might offer a better rate
Ongoing fees can be avoided

Interest on business loans is deductible and you will lose this deduction
You might lose a significant amount through prepayment charges
The bottomline

Prepayment penalty is an important factor to consider when taking a loan. Though early loan closure may not be on everyone’s radar, you never know what can happen in future. So, take all these factors into account. Just having the choice of being able to clear your debt early might be enough to give you peace of mind.


With the rapid pace of technology, the process to apply for car loans has become simple now. The reason why most of the people prefer to apply online is because it has reduced the hassle of taking an appointment with the lenders, carrying a huge set of documents, or visiting to the bank branch. One cannot avail of such benefits when a loan is applied offline. Here are the reasons why you should opt for an online mode.

File application from the comfort of your house

Filing application for a car loan is hassle-free and speedy. You can easily apply for the loan anytime and anywhere from the comfort of your home or office. All you need is to fill a simple application form and submit basic documents as required by the lender. Before applying, make sure you check your eligibility on the lender’s official website or any Fintech portal.

Quick disbursal

Online car loans come with a quick disbursal feature that means your loan is processed fast, after receiving approval from your lender. Post verification, the loan amount is disbursed directly in your bank account.

Simple documentation

In car loans, the applicants require to submit a minimal set of documents. All you need to do is to upload the required documents online along with your application form and wait for your loan approval.

High security

When you apply for an offline car loan there might be chances that your documents might get damaged or misplaced. When you file your application online, such possibilities get eliminated. Also, the information that you enter is safe and secure and not shared with third parties.

Online EMI Calculator facility

You can use an online car loan EMI Calculator to evaluate your loan EMIs. In the formulae, you just need to enter the three factors i.e. the loan amount, tenure, and interest rate. After you input these factors, you will get the result instantly. It is quite a helpful financial tool that assists borrowers to plan their loan in a hassle-free way.

24*7 online assistance

Other than the above-mentioned benefits, there is another advantage that you can get when you opt for online car loans. An individual can easily check and track the present status of their car loan by placing a call on the customer care of the respective lender.


The payment plans which a business offers to their customers can vary significantly, but most forms of finance will either fall under revolving credit (store cards with a credit limit) or point of sale finance (POS). Many companies that offer POS finance will allow you to take a hands-off approach; after providing you with full training they will manage the entire process and may even offer you incentives for new finance agreements.

If you do opt for POS finance, you can choose between offering interest free credit, ‘buy now pay later’ deals, or charged-for credit. Interest free credit options may be more attractive to small businesses who want to keep their overall offer competitive. On the other hand, charged-for credit would allow businesses to reap a higher financial reward due to wider interest margins and the opportunity for commissions.

As a society, we’re trained to customers to ask where a business is located. Think about the ads you see or hear every day. They all say “visit your local car dealer” or “stop into your neighborhood grocery store”. Regardless of the industry or service, they are inundated with messaging that location matters. Aside from that conditioning, most customers will ask where are you located for 3 reasons:

The vast majority of customers will ask for your location because they assume it will impact the price. For some reason, they expect that you will charge more if you have to drive a few miles further to get to their home or business.

Most customers assume that someone from their own city or town is more trustworthy and less likely to cheat them. In our experience, most businesses are out to perform the best service for their customers at industry-standard rates.

Normally last on the list, customers will assume that proximity impacts response time. To a degree, they have a point. As much as time is a factor in restoration services, 5 or 10 minutes isn’t going to make that big of a difference in the cleanup cost.

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