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We believe, given the right tools and aid every child has the potential to be successful. Our education loans aim to be the very tool that will enable them to reach their goals in life. Lorem ipusmn vote nibh condimetun newuiwenat fring.

Why should finance come in the way of future? Getting an education loan is an easy way to finance your dreams. A student loan can help you get into the university of your choice. Bank of Baroda is here to finance your dreams, education & career goals.

Taking an education loan helps you in building a good credit score as this is the first loan in a person’s life. If you repay the loan on time without any defaults then it also makes easier for you to get home loan, car loan, etc., in future.

offer education loans to help students achieve their academic objectives. A school loan with a payback duration of up to 20 years.

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Features of Education Loan

All loans are not created equal, personal loan has become a great option for people to use.

Amount Limits

you can get a maximum of 15 lakhs for studies in India and more 25 lakhs for abroad studies.

Loan Tenure

The Loans are sanctioned as Term Loans and to be repaid in EMIs over a maximum repayment term of 15 years (180 EMIs) for Student, Scholar and Global Ed-vantage Education Loans.

Wider Options

The scheme provides broad guidelines to the banks for operationalising the educational loan scheme

Tax Rebeate

The spending for pursuing education can let you save on income taxes*. You can claim a deduction of Interest paid on a loan taken for pursuing higher education ..

Education Loan - Eligibility

The candidate applying for the loan must be a resident of India.
He/she must have confirmed admission in recognised educational institutes in India or abroad.
The age of the candidate must fall within the bracket of 18 to 35 years during loan application.
He/she must be undergoing a graduate/postgraduate degree or a PG diploma.
The applicant should have a secured admission in a college or university affiliated by University Grants Commission (UGC)/All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)/Govt. etc.
Students pursuing full-time courses need to have a co-applicant who can be either parent/guardian or spouse/parent-in-law (in case of married candidates).
The co-applicant must have a regular income source.


Maximum age of applicant at loan maturity: 35 years


The co-applicant must have a regular income source.

Credit Rating

Applicant should have the bank specified credit score.

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Your co-applicant can be your parents, siblings, parent-in-law, or your spouse.

Mark sheet of last qualifying examination for school and graduate studies in India
Proof of admission to the course
Schedule of expenses for the course
Copies of letter confirming scholarship, etc.
Copies of foreign exchange permit, if applicable.
2 passport size photographs
Statement of Bank account for the last six months of borrower
Income tax assessment order not more than 2 years old
Brief statement of assets and liabilities of borrower.

Education loan can be availed for all courses recognized by the UGC in case of India and all regular courses abroad. Each lender has its own list of educational institutions and courses that they would provide a loan for whether overseas or within India.

The requirement of collateral varies from one bank to another, however, the following is generally the thumb rule:

For loans up to Rs. 4 lakh – No collateral or Third Party Guarantee is required.
For loans from Rs. 4 lakh to Rs. 7.5 lakh – Collateral is not needed but third-party guarantee is required
For loans above Rs. 7.5 lakh – Collateral is required. Some of the key types of collateral accepted by banks include LIC/NSC/KVP, Fixed Deposit held with the lender, property documents owned by the applicant or co-signor.

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